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Concrete Guarantee Information

At Driveways R Us, we do everything in our power to minimize cracking of our concrete driveways, walkways, and patios. We use high-quality, high-strength concrete. We use synthetic fiber reinforcement in our concrete which has been proven to tightly hold the concrete together and reduce settlement cracks and shrinkage cracks (See Concrete In Practice - Chapter 24 – "Synthetic Fibers For Concrete" – published by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association). We also follow the NRMCA guidelines on contraction joint spacing and groove depth. (See Concrete In Practice - Chapter 6 – "Joints In Concrete Slabs On Grade" – published by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association). These contraction joints are used with the intent to encourage the concrete to crack at predetermined locations (in the joints). In spite of these precautions, however, concrete will sometimes crack in an unexpected manner outside the contraction joints. We guarantee that our craftsmanship and workmanship meets industry standards (as published by the NRMCA, the Portland Cement Association, and the American Concrete Institute). However, there is no specific code on concrete settlement and shrinkage cracking of driveways, walkways, and patios. Please note the following:

"All concrete has a tendency to crack and it is not possible to produce completely crack-free concrete. (Concrete in Practice; chapter 4; by NRMCA)"
"Cracks in concrete cannot be prevented entirely, but they can be controlled and minimized by properly designed joints." (Concrete in Practice; chapter 6; by NRMCA)
"Most concrete will crack. Concrete shrinks as it dries and cures. On average, a concrete slab shrinks 1/16th inch for every ten linear feet. This may not seem much to you, but what this shrinkage does is produce significant internal stress within the slab. This stress or force is considered a tension-type force as the concrete is trying to pull itself apart. Concrete reinforcement by your contractor can help minimize or stop cracking. Control joints [need to be created] in concrete slabs to try to control where the cracks will occur. These control joints need to be a minimum depth to be effective. The Portland Cement Association and the American Concrete Institute seem to agree that the minimum depth of a control joint should be 1/4th the thickness of the slab [or 1" deep on a 4" slab]." "But even with all of this, the concrete could develop a random crack all on its own." (From "Ask the Builder" by Tim Carter –"
"Interestingly, there is no absolute standard for evaluating cracks [in concrete], but those that are less than ¼" and which do not exhibit any vertical or horizontal displacement are generally not regarded as being structurally relevant." (Excerpt from residential home inspection prepared by Home Inspector certified by National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) "

In view of the foregoing, if your concrete driveway, walkway, or patio develops a minor hair-line crack outside the contraction (control) joint, do not be alarmed. The crack is not evidence of poor workmanship, significant ground settling, or a structural integrity flaw. It is due to normal, random concrete settlement and/or shrinkage. Though it may not be aesthetically pleasing, it is not in any way a structural concern or defect that would necessitate repair or replacement. If the crack were to widen to more than ¼" wide contact Driveways R Us for a free inspection and possible further action as deemed necessary. Generally for cracks wider than ¼" that occur within one year of installation, Driveways R Us will replace the damaged section without charge to the customer.

Driveways R Us also guarantees its concrete work against flaking, scaling, or spalling for one year from installation. [Rock salt and/or Ice Melt or similar product damage is not covered by this guarantee].

These are only a few of the many concrete work services DRIVEWAYS R' US offers in the Alpharetta, Roswell and Marietta area.
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Quality work, Dependable

Driveways R' Us replaced our old broken driveway. After getting several quotes, Driveways R' Us wasn't the lowest quote, but I could tell that the owner was very conscientious. We went with them and were extremely pleased with the result. The team was prompt, courteous and did a fantastic job! We will use them in the future for our retaining wall.


Absolutely Fantastic

Driveways R Us did the initial grading of my backyard and side yard including removing 10 trees, last December and January. They laid tile and piped away the downspouts from the house on the side yard to help control water. They removed a bunch of really bad retaining walls, stone work, poured concrete stairs and nasty flower beds that were hideous and done by somebody who had apparently no knowledge of masonry or concrete. They replaced all that with concrete pads in some places. They built the stone walls and stone stairs in other places. They re-graded and poured a new and long driveway for me. They removed a nasty 1980'S metal outbuilding and a big concrete patio and replaced it with a concrete pad.

They did everything in about 9 days. The work was excellent. Their responsiveness was absolutely fantastic. They were out immediately when I called Paul and told him that I had a problem. I would definitely use their services in the future too since Paul is a great guy. He also recommended me a landscaping contractor.

LB - Austell